Who We Work With In Illinois

group of five diverse adults looking at the camera

Illinois Nutrition Education Programs team members reach limited-resource families in their communities where they live, eat, play, learn, and work.

By collaborating with community groups and organizations that work with the same audience, we strengthen and extend impact together. INEP also works with groups and organizations to provide professional development and training on a variety of topics to their staff and volunteers on strategies to promote healthier choices.

We collaborate with a wide variety of community groups and organizations to reach individuals and families across Illinois communities.

Our nutrition education programming reaches:

  • Adults, parents, and families at emergency food locations, such as food pantries and food banks
  • Students at elementary, middle and high schools. Parents or caregivers may also be reached through special events and/or family programming at schools.
  • Preschoolers and their caregivers at early childhood schools, such as Head Start and daycare centers
  • Children attending programs at youth centers
  • Adults and families receiving services or attending programming at community centers and agencies
  • Adults and families shopping at grocery stores and farmers markets

For professional development, we work with many staff and volunteers across the state who work in various organizations or schools that serve limited-resource families.

For specific information about our potential training opportunities, visit our Build Skills page.

In addition, INEP works closely with organizations and schools to identify strategies to help improve operations, layout, signage, and more to promote healthier choices.

For more information on potential partnerships, visit our Collaborate with Community Partners page.

To learn more about partnering with us, fill out the Contact Us form and we will connect you with a local INEP team member.