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Memes & Money: What are the Facts? | Get Savvy

Memes & Money: What are the Facts? | January 25, 2023

Information on how to manage your finances is readily available from various places - friends, family, social media influencers, ads, popular media, and more. How do you discern myth from fact? How do you identify a funny money meme from a helpful financial tip? Learn ways to navigate financial tips online to avoid potential missteps.

Midwest Food Bank - Peoria adopts nutrition policy

According to Feeding America, lower food security is linked to a greater probability of developing chronic diseases including hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Such diseases can be avoided or improved by eating healthy and being physically active. This is particularly true for food pantry guests who are dependent on pantries for much of their nutrition.

Mother encourages kids to snack healthy

A mother who has previously attended Eating Smart, Being Active nutrition classes spoke with SNAP-Ed staff recently. She has been implementing strategies learned from SNAP-Ed to improve her family’s health. Recently, she started cutting up fresh fruits and vegetables ahead of time so they are ready to eat when her children are hungry. She has noticed her children reach for these options before looking for more highly processed choices in the pantry. As a result, their fruit and vegetable intake has increased!

Students taste test new fruit

During National School Lunch Week, elementary students received pomegranates as part of a lunchroom taste test. Many students were unfamiliar with pomegranates and were hesitant to try it at school. The majority of the students voted yes, they enjoyed the fruit! As a result, the food services director said she would incorporate it on the school lunch menu.