Healthy snacking

A woman attended an activity station at a local food pantry and shared struggles with healthy snacks. SNAP-Ed staff discussed potential solutions with her, and she agreed to start making her own healthier snack mix at home. Later that same month, SNAP-Ed staff saw the same woman at the Family Community Resource Center. She stated she made the snack mix each week and prepared pre-cut vegetables and homemade dip. She now eats very few snack cakes and candy and enjoys the newer, healthier snack options. Additionally, she is saving money by purchasing fewer highly processed snacks!

Eat. Move. Save. booths

Eat. Move. Save. booths are more than just your typical information table; they are engaging and fun! Topics range from healthy snacks ideas to how to prepare some of the food that might be buried deep in the pantry or taking up space in the fridge. Handouts, recipes, and taste tests may also be available! Booth information can also be provided virtually via a prerecorded video during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adult programs

For adults, two curricula options are available for engaging lessons on healthy lifestyle choices: Healthy Cents and MyPlate for My Family.

Other programming geared towards adults include Eat. Move. Save. booths and online resources.

Agencies that serve adults and their families can also work with INEP on strategies to promote healthier choices through messaging, signage, and policy changes.