Illinois Communities

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Illinois Nutrition Education Programs provides education and resources through strategic partnerships where families eat, learn, live, shop, and play.

In 2021, SNAP-Education worked with 1,588 community agencies within 315 cities and 114 community networks across the state . Overall, SNAP-Ed works in 89 out of Illinois' 102 counties. By working together, SNAP-Ed and partnering agencies and organizations achieve greater collective impact and save money by avoiding duplication of services.

EFNEP provides programming throughout the year in five Illinois counties: Champaign, Cook, Madison, St. Clair, and Vermilion.

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Community spotlight

After looking at the needs of food pantry managers and pantry clients via a survey in Tazewell and Peoria counties, it was clear that more access to fresh produce was a need. SNAP-Ed team members in the local Food Pantry Network collaborated with the health department and Community Garden Network to create a streamlined process for produce donations. Now, donation gardens and food pantries reach out when they are ready to receive or donate fresh produce. The local "Grow a Row" collaboration will then match donors and pantries to help spread the produce donations across the community and limit waste.